Widespread head-scarf protests following the death of Mahsa Amin in Iran

The Brief, No. 34

22 September 2022

The death of Mahsa Amini has triggered widespread protests in Iran.  Yesterday, many young women took off their scarves and burn them as a sign of protest.

Amini died in custody after she was arrested for not complying with the regime’s strict hijab rules in Tehran on September 13.  The arrest was carried out by Gasht-e Ershad" (Guidance Patrols) commonly known as Morality Police. 

The police insist that she died of a heart attack, but witnesses accuse the police of beating her and physically assaulting her soon after arrest.  Her family has also refuted claims by the police that she died of a heart attack placing the blame of her death squarely on police.

Following the 1979 Islamic Revolution, authorities in Iran imposed a mandatory dress code requiring all women to wear a headscarf and loose-fitting clothing that disguises their figures in public.

The government of Iran has called for an inquiry in this regard.  The protests are likely to add further complications as Iran continues to renegotiate Joint Comprehensive Program of Action (JCPOA) with P5+1 nations.

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