President Willian Ruto bars local media from broadcasting his inauguration

The Brief No. 33

13 September 2022

In a rather bizarre move, the communication team of Kenya's President-elect William Ruto offered exclusive broadcast rights to Multichoice Kenya Ltd, an affiliate of South African pay-TV group. Arguing the group will "provide a channel for the rest of Africa".   This has invited criticism from journalists and local media organisation in Kenya.

This is viewed as rather bad start for a president who has had a trying relationship with the media.  Ruto’s difficult relationship with the media dates back to 2007 when he was charged with crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court (ICC).  Mr Ruto was accused of murder, deportation and persecution charges during violence that followed the 2007 elections in which about 1,200 people were killed. In 2016 charges against Ruto were dropped due to insufficient evidence but refused to acquit him.

Local media organisation in Kenya are bracing themselves for tough relations with the government moving forward.

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