The Brief

Examining the implications of the mutiny in Russia in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Brief, No. 43

24 June, 2023


The mutiny by...

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine - One year on

The Brief, No. 42

23 February, 2023

Tomorrow will be a year since...

China, Russia and the US’s top officials scramble for appointments with Africa

The Brief No. 40

23 January 2023

Last week the new Foreign Minister...

South Africa assumes BRICS’ presidency adding to Ramaphosa’s hectic agenda in 2023

The Brief, No. 39

05 January 2022

It is certainly going to be a...

US calls for the African Union (AU) to become permanent member of the G20

The Brief, No. 38

16 December 2022

The G20 was suppose to replace...