Taliban’s ties with Pakistan fraying amid mounting security concerns


High-ranking Pakistani officials have criticized the current Taliban government in Afghanistan, claiming it hasn't taken sufficient measures to prevent armed groups from crossing its easily penetrable border. This concern arises in the aftermath of a suicide bombing in Pakistan's Bajaur District, which occurred in July and is believed to be connected to an ISIS faction, resulting in the loss of over 54 lives. General Syed Asim Munir, the head of the Pakistani army, also denounced the "involvement of Afghans" in carrying out attacks on Pakistani land. He deemed this trend as a threat to the overall peace and stability of the region. Moreover, he highlighted that these attacks stemming from Afghan territory deviate from the 2020 Doha Peace Agreement between the Taliban and the United States, in which the Taliban committed to preventing armed groups from using its lands as bases. Senior Research Fellow at Africa-Asia Dialogues Thembisa Fakude joins Lerato Mbele for the conversation.


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